Today's Event

Sa. 19.04.   

Team #Hashtag Presents:

Team #Hashtag Presents:

LIVE: Cesur&Fly, Offensiv Wien, Pikju, AGS, Zeitgeist, Tebrex
ab 24Uhr DJ-Line


Cesur & Fly
Offensiv Wien

Doors Open: 20 Uhr

Beginn: 21 Uhr

AK: €10


Today's Event:

Fr.18.04. DJ Taff presents THE LINK UP 2014
LIVE: Sam Brisbe & Black Soul

watch out for...

Sa.19.04. Team #Hashtag Presents:
LIVE: Cesur&Fly, Offensiv Wien, Pikju, AGS, Zeitgeist, Tebrex
So.20.04. Easter Reggae Dub
LIVE: boNGoreGGae
Mo.21.04. BANG! Easter Monday Indie Special
LIVE: The Shy Lips (SWE) + The Carpoolets
Di.22.04. Tuesday LIVE!
LIVE: Mohandas + The Stoned Apple Pies
Mi.23.04. Maigeborn CD Release
LIVE: Maigeborn + Speaking Silences
Do.24.04. Thursday LIVE!
LIVE: Rocquette + Amandas Nadel
Sa.26.04. bbash!
So.27.04. Ruhetag
Di.29.04. enjoy the songs!
LIVE: Rhiannon Mair (UK) + Tall William (UK) + Third Culture Kid (ISL)
Mi.30.04. Return The Favor Bookings presents
LIVE: Take Offense (US), New Morality (NL), Cold Stare (US), Blind Alley Six
Do.01.05. Fest der Liebe
LIVE: JFBB + Parolen der Liebe
Fr.02.05. DJ Taff presents The Link Up 2014
LIVE: Xindl Banton und Die Gfrastafari + Torch (JAM)
Sa.03.05. One World Jam
LIVE: Faia Salamanda & Cellarootz Band
So.04.05. Ruhetag
Mo.05.05. Ruhetag
Di.06.05. PunkRockShow
LIVE: dragSTER (UK) + The Mob Fixing Freedom + Escape Artists
Mi.07.05. t.b.a.
Do.08.05. Thursday LIVE!
LIVE: Timestone + Minus Green + Krabovsky
Fr.09.05. 15 Jahre Spider Crew (15 years too old but still crazy)
LIVE: Spider Crew + Veilside + Spinkick + Lowlife + Time For Revenge
Sa.10.05. KRA chautauqua presents
LIVE: Popperklopper (D) + Flatland Warriors + Krieg den Palästen
So.11.05. Ruhetag
Mo.12.05. queer monday
LIVE: Mary Ocher (D) + Mayr
Di.13.05. Tuesday LIVE!
LIVE: Get Paid + t.b.a.
Mi.14.05. Wednesday LIVE!
LIVE: Susie Asado (D) + Kidcat Lo-Fi + Hanna Palme
Do.15.05. t.b.a.
Fr.16.05. Friday LIVE!
LIVE: Pizza Trottoir + She´s Too Cool + Hindoslem
Sa.17.05. Saturday LIVE!
LIVE: Chili and the Whalekillers + Salomon's Wrong Choice
Di.20.05. Tuesday LIVE!
LIVE: Too Tangled (BEL) + Little Big Sea + FUTURE:ART
Mi.21.05. Wednesday LIVE!
LIVE: Kometa (Tape Release)
Do.22.05. Thursday LIVE!
LIVE: Scenario Fever + Never Been Famous + Crossroad 6
Fr.23.05. BRAVO HITS Party
Sa.24.05. bbash!
LIVE: Tintifax + Blowjob Bastards
Do.29.05. Thursday LIVE!
LIVE: Blackballed (UK) + Bomb Whateva (D) + t.b.a.
Fr.30.05. Tribute To A Friend IV
Sa.31.05. Saturday LIVE!
LIVE: Sub Rockers + Anal Destination

SHELTER   Wallensteinplatz 8, 1200 Wien (AT)   Phone: +43 680 3167494 (Booking - 3pm-8pm) 

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