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Mi. 01.10.   



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Today's Event:

Mi.01.10. Ruhetag

watch out for...

Do.02.10. One World Jam presents: Akustik-Session
LIVE: Acoustic Base feat. Hottensiah Muchai & Lamin Camara
Fr.03.10. Old Record Club
Sa.04.10. One World Jam: Funk Reggae Ska Night
LIVE: Green Curry + Groove Quake
Mi.08.10. enjoy the songs!
LIVE: Johanna van Tan + Bastian Bruckner + Miss Zelda's Lovers
Do.09.10. Rockin' Thursday
LIVE: Shady Glamour (D) + Napoleon Hairfashion + Ghost & Benefits
Fr.10.10. bf Vienna presents:
LIVE: Buster Shuffle (UK) + Omixli (GR) + Lost Souls (SK)
Sa.11.10. Saturday LIVE!
LIVE: Phi + ucan2 + Eves Fruit
Di.14.10. enjoy the songs!
LIVE: Joules + Jo Stöckholzer + Raffael Pankraz + Megan Crain (US)
Mi.15.10. Wednesday LIVE!
LIVE: Hedvig Mollestad Trio (NOR) + Exit by Form
Do.16.10. Verein Vision präsentiert:
LIVE: Sonne, Mond & Apfelkern + Guglhupf-Ensemble
Fr.17.10. ElektrOktober presented by Tschin Bumm Records
LIVE: XBloome (EP Release Show)
Sa.18.10. DJ Taff presents THE LINK UP 2014
LIVE: I Jahson & Mystik Link Band
Mi.22.10. Festival ParisVienne édition n° XII - Opening
LIVE: Martha Labil + From & Ziel (F) + Alex Miksch Trio + Meetin Moa
Do.23.10. Thursday LIVE!
LIVE: Groofactory + Cil City
Fr.24.10. BRAVO Hits Party
Sa.25.10. 10-Jahres-Sause & Abschiedskonzert
LIVE: Cassious Clay & special guests
Di.28.10. enjoy the songs!
LIVE: Lisa Jäger + Raphael Lehmann + Juhana Iivonen (FIN)
Mi.29.10. Thursday LIVE!
LIVE: Early Gray + The Venue
Do.30.10. Schoolparty
Fr.31.10. La Burlescaryaaahh Vol. II
Mi.12.11. bf Vienna presents:
LIVE: All For Nothing (NL) + t.b.a.
Fr.14.11. Teenage Riot presents:
LIVE: Scarface (F) + t.b.a.
Mi.26.11. Wednesday LIVE!
LIVE: Saved By A Song + t.b.a.
Fr.12.12. Release Party
LIVE: Blacktrain
Do.18.12. Thursday LIVE!
LIVE: Neoteric + Black Tape Suicide + The Colored Cubes
Sa.20.12. Der Musikalische Adventkalender
LIVE: Orges & The Ockus-Rockus Band

SHELTER Wallensteinplatz 8, 1200 Wien (AT)   Phone: +43 6766877750 (Booking - 5pm-8pm)

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